Day 21 Another big hill to Furn Burn Hut. 6km. 5 hours

As has become our routine we were both awake at 6am and leaving the hut at 7am. 

Breakfast for Kay

Today would be an easier day with only one huge climb compared to yesterday’s 2 huge climbs. It was cool and we were in the shade as we went up up up, then just as we gained some decent elevation the damn track takes us down part of our gain into wee valleys.

The start of the track was quite narrow with very steep drop offs and parts were covered with thick bushes meaning I  couldn’t see where I was placing my feet. I began to feel quite anxious and was not in my usual relaxed mind set.

Close to the bottom the vegetation becomes thick and covers the track. These valleys are water courses so it becomes mushy underfoot and there are underground water ways.  So I had to concentrate to ensure I didn’t step into any of the holes into the water which would have been disastrous. There are high drop offs sometimes on both sides of a narrow track which made me unusually uncomfortable.

DOC needs to get in here and do some track maintenance,  cutting back the vegetation so we can see where to walk.

But then we would climb out again and be in the short tussock grass on a narrow ridge track.

Furn Burn Hut
Lunch stop. Happy.

We met along the way a Dad and son, a church group of 4, and mum and daughter. They were all going the opposite direction to s and give us a good excuse fir a long stop and chat. The SOBOS are always interested in hat is coming up and we are the same.

Today I was again doubting my sanity. Should I be going forward with RA again? Do I really need to put myself through the risks that I know it will present? This time I know what is coming up. I know how how much it will hurt if I fall. My body is another 2 years older and in good shape; do I need to risk accidental damage? Am I stupid to carry on? Maybe I should just do some easy stuff instead and there is lots of that in the South Island.

I was thinking this throughout the day to Furn Burn Hut.

We arrived early in the day and I had Granny nap before a Mother arrived with a huge pack full of fresh food. I was on the last of my food supply having no dinners left I ate a wrap with cheese and carrot for dinner. Mum was a but worried because 25 year old Daugherty daugher was late arriving but it turned out that daughter had been taking her time and having a nice day on her own. Mum and daughter time needs to be managed well I think!

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