Where is Karen?

Below is the latest update of my location and the next section I am heading into. See my latest blog for details of the last section

I reached Bluff on 19 March 2020, 149 days and 3,000 km after I started at Cape Reinga. I didn’t walk every step of the way as I hitched rides a few times in a range of vehicles from farmbikes to helicopters. I will complete the 95km from Wanganui to Palmerston North when the COVID-19 situation allows.

I am currently in lockdown at my daughters house just out of Palmerston North enjoying the rest.

The Te Araroa is each individuals journey and mine started in Cape Reinga and ended in Bluff and I am very, very proud of my achievement.

Hopefully I will know where I am most of the time so can keep you up to date with my whereabouts. If you see I am getting close to where you live please make contact so I can tell you when and where to bring the beer and ice-cream. Comfy beds will also be appreciated and I will have a shower on arrival!

The whole trail.

If you feel like joining in with let me know also via comment on this page or my Facebook or phone.

The maps above come from Google Earth. You can access them for for FREE if you want. Instructions below. Then you could zoom in and see us sitting having a brew on the side of the track or skinny dipping in a river.

Step 1. Click on the link below to download the following file on a personal computer:


Step 2. Download Google Earth PRO: https://www.google.com/earth/versions/#download-pro


Now you can open up Google earth and go to My Places and find the TA map downloaded in step One above . You may need to allow downloads – follow the prompts.

Follow the map to find the km mark that my latest blog indicates I was up to. It is amazing technology. Click on the 3D button too.


5 thoughts on “Where is Karen?

  • Congratulations Karen…what an adventure…I hope all continues to go as well as the planning and start. It’s all about the people. Best wishes from Ann and I in the Peak District, England. We are looking forward to following your progress…and just a little bit envious….

  • Hi Karen. Only just linked in to discover what amazing things u have been doing during past weeks. I’m hurting just reading about it all. Hope u had a restful break at Christmas. All the best for the next stages, hang in there and enjoy. Melva Jones

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