This page shows photos of the places I have spend the night. I will add to it as we go.

The view from my room will be different everyday. Most nights I will be sleeping in my trusty little tent (details below). Other nights we may stay in hostels, Doc* huts, or anywhere else that takes our fancy.

If I am anywhere near you please give me a shout and offer me a bed for the night as I am sure I will appreciate a change and a bit of luxury.

My Tent and bedding

I am carrying a Zpacks tent which is an American brand of light weight outdoor gear. It weighs about 700 grams all up which is not much more than a tub of margarine. I also have a Zpacks sleeping quilt (710 grams) and an Exped inflatable mattress and a small blow up pillow ($69 arrhhh). So this makes up my bedroom for the next 5 – 6 months.

*Department of Conservation. They have around 1,000 huts in the back country of New Zealand. More information here It will open in a new tab