Day 22 and 23. Decision Time.

We started our day a bit layer than usual, 7.30am, as we had a short day out to the end of the Motatapu Track. Then it was to be a 2.5km walk to Glendhu Bay motor camp followed by a 16km walk to Wanaka the next day. 

I remembered this as really easy piece of gentle downhill track through peaceful beech forests. I had nearly run it last time thinking it was one of the easiest parts of TA.

But they had changed the track dramatically!  There was steep drop offs, tricky bits, dodgy bits and I became more uneasy about the whole damn walk.

So I discussed my concerns with Kay. I felt good talking it out aloud and Kay as very supportive and understanding, agreeing that there are many other options for me. 

My  2019-20 Te Araroa was a significant feat for me; a milestone in my life; something I had planned for many years. I cannot repeat the magic of the trail, or being blissfully unaware of what was going to happen next.

So by the time we had accepted a hitch into Wanaka I had decided to look at other options.  I need to live in a decent body for a few more years yet. I have nothing to prove to myself oy anyone else. 

A good view of Lake Wanaka from our hostel

Friends,  Pip and Jane are on a SOBO and will be in Tekapo on Monday so I will hitch there and cycle a section with them.

Kay and I gave enjoyed our time in Wanaka, staying in our beds until 11am and  catching up on news around the country and world. Neither of us can get to Western Australia to visit our kids and grandchildren and the whole country has gone into Red Traffic Light. 

So watch has this space.

Adventure doesn’t only  mean tramping. The best job I ever had was planting tomatoes and there is lots of that kind of work going down here.  There are many  vacancies in hospitality although I am not sure how hospitable I can be these days. I have people to visit and people to meet.

20 thoughts on “Day 22 and 23. Decision Time.

  • Hi Karen. Have been following your travels and am positively in awe of your courage and drive. Well done you! Good luck for the future and whatever direction it takes you. Jane

  • Well the crossroads have come to you Karen and you are listening to “what next?” Seems like you will find or create your next adventure and you want to stay fit and healthy enough to enjoy it.
    Happy searching and enjoy your next adventure. Thanks for taking me on this one through your writing. Love Kay Lloyd .. Christchurch.

  • Whatever you decide will be the best choice. You certainly have nothing to prove and you are so awesome we are all so proud and in awe of you

  • Hi Karen it was so nice to meet you at Highland Creek Hut. There are so many other walks in NZ to enjoy. Whatever you decide will be the best decision for you. All the best.

  • You are such an inspirational strong woman Karen and definitely have nothing to prove. Excited to hear what you decide to do on your adventure xxx

  • True.. adventure does not have to only be tramping. You have heaps of adventures Karen and I am definitely watching this space. You are simply amazing and especially how you choose to live your life. 😉

  • Sounds like a wise decision, Karen. I’m excited to see where this adventure takes you next. Enjoy time with Pip and Jane 😊

  • We are excited to see where you go from here…..and remember we are with you every step of the way (in spirit). Watching this space avidly. Good luck. X

  • The successful completion of your first TA was a huge accomplishment and perhaps would never be able to be emulated. Life is one big adventure. So many unexplored options ahead of you in whatever form. My first tentative step on a North Island TA will be because of your blog Karen, so thank you!

  • You have done and enjoyed so much tramping that it would be a shame to continue to prove something to yourself…at the risk of injury..if it’s not fun and hurts it’s time to re assess…you know what your body requires..and I’ve been bloody impressed with your journey.👍👍

  • I will sure miss your reports. Hope to see you up our way in the near future. Pick a trip and we shall join in.

  • Hi Karen That was a tough decision but you have done the right thing. I could tell from your posts your heart wasn’t in it- it’s obvious that after your amazing TA through hike that this one wasn’t gelling with you. It’s difficult to replicate what was an amazing journey. I am sure you will find a new adventure 😀 I will miss your updates – take care 😀🏕🌲🌳🌿🏔

  • We are excited to see where you go from here…..and remember we are with you every step of the way (in spirit). Watching this space avidly. Good luck. X

  • It takes great strength to take a different view, to change your mind. Fantastic adventure. There are surely more to come. Take care and continue to enjoy the journey. (I’ve been having some adventures with crutches, so been off the pace and just caught up with your blog). Kind regards, Paul.

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