Day 20 Motatapu Track Roses Hut to Highland hut

I had asked Garry to talk to the Weather Gods and cool things down a bit. Being in the high country with little shade is hard work when the temperature are high 20s. So he came to the party and there was snow on the hills above us overnight.

We had 2 huge hills to climb today so I was pleased to start off with my jacket, hat and gloves on. The grass was wet as we had gad some hail overnight so my shies were soon wet and my feet cold. However they warmed up as we climbed straight up the first hill. Each time we thought we were at the top there was another peak ahead of us. I set a slow pace and we had lots of little stops to look back down the valley below so it was quite enjoyable climb.

Finally at the top

Then it was down, down down to a creek for an early lunch stop in the shade. Then us was up and down another damn mountain with beautiful views forever.

I wasn’t really enjoying the tracks as we got lower because they are overgrown and very hard to see where to place my feet. There are underground water courses that can be stepped into if we are not careful. Also the tracks have long drop off that could be disastrous if I fell.  I was becoming a bit anxious about these parts. I know I won’t bounce well and a fall will hurt and take a lot of time to heal.  Am I doing the right thing risking this again?

On the way we met SOBO Isaac  used him as another excuse for a stop. An big,older Army man, he was going at a good pace, doing long days,  with a huge pack. He was known to pick up and pack out any rubbish left at huts and well liked by everyone who had come across him on their Te Araroa journey.

Isaac keeps a list of all the TA walkers he meets

At the hut Erin who was a SOBO having  rest day.  She has worked star gazing guide and ski instructor rest day.

Later Jacqui and Debbie from Waikato arrive. Jackie was pleased to meet me as she had been following me right from the start of my first TA and knew she would finally meet up with me on this section. I am always proud to have had some influence on others decisions to walk Te Araroa.

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  • Kia Ora Karen. You have certainly been a huge influence on me and my TA journey too! This was another big day for us, but again I loved the walking and the hut. I also remember a very welcome wash in Highland creek!

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