Day 9 Takitimu Mountains. Telford Camp to  Wairaki Hut 8km 4.5 hours

I was soon in bed trying very hard to convince myself that I was enjoying the Te Araroa. I just needed to get fitter and stronger and faster and thinner to make the days easier and more enjoyable. Also I needed to learn how to take the correct route.

About 10pm the wind came up and blew a gale all night. I had to go out to replace a peg at one stage but my tent held up well even if I got hardly any sleep.  The boys had both had collapsed tents and bent poles.

A bit of wind.

I left camp about 9 am as the wind had died down. Today I was determined that the day would be better and I would double check at every turn I made and in between. I would be going over a high exposed ridge for a couple of hours and would not have wanted to be up there in that wind. Unlike my recent Wellngton wind experience this kind of terrain would not be so forgiving

Uphill for about 2.5 hours part of it through some really dense prickly bushes. I swore that I would pay for someone to cut this back if I won  a big lotto. I was sporting some good  scratches when I finally got through and onto the tops.  There I could see that the boys were still in their tents.

Very scratchy stuff
Very scratched up legs

I climbed up and up with about 6 false summits but beautuful views back to the coast and where I had started 9 as ago.

Boys still back at the bottom of the valley

By the end of today I would have walked 185km.

This was to be a short and easy day. My friend, Kate Mckay, would not agree though. I even had time to take photos of plants for the Lockwood ladies to look at.

The rest of  the 4.5 hours was spent going downhill through very messy bush with a few muddy patches.  I do wish they would sweep up all the little branches that fall down.

Cam passed me just before I reached the hut but he was going to go onto the next hut, as was Okan.

Some funny creatures in the woods
Okan passes me
A few muddy patches which I just plow on through.

I had planned to have a restful afternoon catching up on some sleep and resting my body. Nice little hut but a few mosquitoes and sandflies to deal with first.

The long drop toilet without a seat must be the worst on the Araroa. It wa so bad that I couldn’t even take a photo of it. They do provide a shovel in case trampers would rather dig a hole in the bush.

I hadn’t stayed here last time as I was faster and fitter and stronger and thinner by the time I reached here having walked 2,800km.

I had the hut to myself which meant I could spread out my gear and sleep in peace.

Lower Wairaki Hut
Cup of soup and some crushed chipped.

It rained from about 7pm until about 1am so I had a sleep in ease there was a river to cross about 100 metres from the hut. I wanted to give it time to go down to a safe level to cross.

Another day done.

7 thoughts on “Day 9 Takitimu Mountains. Telford Camp to  Wairaki Hut 8km 4.5 hours

  • There are some days l wish I was with you, and then there are some days I am pleased I am not. Keeping many of the N P T C members informed how you are going.

  • Sounds like the whole area needs some tlc. How about a TAMT work party? We’ll lick that Mt Linton into shape. Got some blue paint around here somewheres.!

  • Hi Karen. I am one of the bikers you met in Arrowtown last year at the campground. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your wonderful adventures. Possibly even more so while sitting in an airconditioned office with the only hardship to deal with being a cluttered desk. I hope your trip goes well.

  • Kia Ora Karen. We also stopped at Lower Wairaki for a short day after Mt Linton. I really struggled on that uphill and freaked out a bit on the exposed section. I can now walk uphill like a trooper and love the high mountains! We really liked this hut and had it to ourselves. Don’t remember the toilet being awful. The one at Boundary hut was worse, it was FULL! Sylvia

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