Day 10 Lower Wairaki Hut to Apirima Hut 12.5km 6 hours

Because of the rain overnight I prepared my packing for a higher than normal river crossing. I made sure everything was stowed inside the pack and I attached my PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) to my bra.

I have heard that swift river water  can pull clothes from people but I reckoned my bra would stay put because my boobies are quite heavy at the moment.  Therefore  if I got swept away  and list all my clothes I would be able to let off my beacon and wave to the Rescue Helicopter clad only in my bra. That would not be a pretty sight but would get their attention for sure.

All my preparations were a waste of time because the river was only ankle deep and a few metres across! Anyway it was good practice.

Not a raging river

It was a hot and humid day so the seat poured from me by the litres. It reminded me of trekking in Bornea. I was soaked through most of the day.

Muddy shoe advicem
Spider homes

Only 12.5 km with one big climb so a short 6 hour day. I even stopped often and took photos of plants and did some wee videos . I was happy to be having an easy day.

Gnarly trees
Nice mossy  track

I had a really good day and eas pleased to have 2 short days. Last time I was here I did these 2 days in one but I had about 2,850km under my much smaller belt. I need to be kind to my body.

At the hut I stripped off out in the sun and had a bowl wash while wacking away the sandlfies.  About half an hour later 2 kiwi blokes arrived. Dennis was from New Plymouth and we know quite a few people in common.  Barry was from Hamilton and they had been walking together for about 500km.  Both were about my age and had that lean strong look that SOBOs had at this stage.

A French lady arrived a couple of hours later and set about needing dough for her bread. It did smell very nice. Barry had dehydrated all his food and sent it head for collection as he made his way down the country.  He shared some dried tomatoes which were yummy. I had a Curried Beef Backcountry dinner and some chippies.

Last time I was at this hut the mice were so bold that they climbed up onto the table as I ate and raided my pack during the night eating the best bits from my muesli. This year I have heard no reports of mice which supports the theory that they were at plague levels in 2019-20 because if the mast year.

Last time
This year

I found my entry in the Hut Intentions Book from my SOBO as well as an entry about the mice.

That night the snoring and farting was record breaking, and it wasn’t me.

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