Day 8 Mt Linton Station…Bad day

Leaving camp early

Worse days tramping in my life. I don’t even want to write about it!

Mount Linton Station is the biggest privately owned farm in New Zealsnd and renowned for its genetic breeding. But the iwner very reluctantly allowed ys access across hus property. I think he has made the trail as hard and arduous as he could and is out to piss me off.

He takes us through headhigh thistles, up hills following a fenceline just to have us climb a style then go down the other side of the fence. Grrr. It is not well marked and the  TA App and Guthook App and the Topo maps can all give different paths. 

Each time I came to a decision point I got it wrong. I was sure I walked an extra 10km at least in searing heat with no shade at all. I was a very grumpy woman.

There is one campsite that we are allowed to use and there has been reports of the owner flying over in his helicopter shooting at walkers in the wrong place. By 6pm I was ready for him. I would just put my arms in the air and call out “Shoot me”

It took me 11.5 hours from  7.30am to 6.55 pm. I had decided that if i was not at the camp   by 7pm I was going to pack the whole thing in  luckily I arrived at 6.55pm so I will continue.  Boys there since 5.30 ish and had had as much trouble as me but they just walk faster. There was one SOBO girl who probably wondered what her tomorrow would bring and if she would end her day ranting and raving like me.

Nuce water trough but I shouldn’t have been there. Another wrong turn up a steep hill!
I am sure he grows these thistles just to make us walk through them. They are only on our track
Very hard walking alongside these crops
What are you looking at?
To top off the day there were lots of  sandlies trying to eat me

8 thoughts on “Day 8 Mt Linton Station…Bad day

  • What a day Karen but dont give up my girl cos you are my inspiration to keep going after my last year. Do it and keep going

  • Don’t let the bas#$%&d’s get you down, the bad day is over, you can enjoy the rest. Ha ha ha, keep the posts coming, loving the read with my coffee. X

  • I love the view though so I suppose that makes it worth it? What an adventure Karen! Keep going! Lots of us are cheering for you!!!

    • It takes you well away from the private hut and the footbridge where there is some old DOC signage. I know because I figured that a route there would get me through the property before nightfall which seemed to be the biggest transgression. Wrong – I couldn’t just carry on along the road. Not sure when that route change was made though.

    • You’ve captured it perfectly Karen. I went the other way. It was so ridiculous I was triggered to read up on the ownership. Very interesting. I didn’t disobey those signs but I did try a different route to get through it before night. Of course I then come up to those signs where I have to follow the route (try to). I got into Birchwood about 2 hours in black darkness through those same fields and hills. I see I was very lucky not to be shot.

  • Kia Ora Karen. When I saw that you were starting from Bluff on Jan 1st, my first thought was “Why does she want to walk through Mt Linton again?” Well done for achieving this, and you didn’t even mention the numerous huge stiles that we shorter ladies have to heave ourselves over! I’m sure you will enjoy the Takitimus more. Hugs, Sylvia

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