Day 3 15 April to Charmje. 8.5 hours.

Again we walked the first half of the day on the old trail. Having a total elevation gain of about 250 metres meant we were heading higher. The trail had some ups and downs but nothing too bad.

Basu goes up a wee hill on the old track.

Slowly, slowly, our Guide, Basu, tells us. As if I could go fast in this elevation. We are at about 2,00 metres above sea level, so we are already lacking oxygen.  Looking back at my diary, I saw that I was struggling to go slow last time I was here. Puru had to walk in front of me to slow me down. But 17 years later, my guide waits at the top of the hill for me.

Basu and Ram waiting for us
Old track
New road is constant road works
Nice metal swing bridge

Lunch at a really cute we teahouse. It had ony one room where they slept cooked and ate and served meals. Dal Bhat was the only thing on menu and it takes about 30 mins to cook and smells delicious. We take off our shoes and lay down to rest. So I am ready to eat when it arrives.

Lunch stop
Kay is looking hungry
Small child asleep beside us

Our guide and porter serve us. They stand and wait until we have had a few mouthfuls and give our approval before they disappear to eat their lunch.

Huffing and puffing up another hill
Apple trees
Not a very fancy bridge
Lady grinding up garlic at a teashop
We walked to Charmje today
A room with a view

We keep getting rooms on the 3rd floor. They may have a view, but we think we have walked up enough steps

We showed the owners my photos from 17 years ago only to find that the adults had died and the kids had all left the village.

5 thoughts on “Day 3 15 April to Charmje. 8.5 hours.

  • Fantastic photos Karen – interesting being able to compare your experiences from 17 years ago and today 😊

  • Love seeing this and reading of your progress. Comparing the decade of difference is also cool. Keep smiling K you are also cool.

  • Such rugged countryside,and so interesting to read your comparisons with previous visit. All a bit surreal realizing you are there facing daily challenges as I view from an armchair. Wonder how you have the energy to write at the end of your day, but so interesting. Thanks Karen.

  • Wow Karen, you are certainly in the heart of the country…beautiful scenery…but probably quite sad in that it’s poor…I bet you feel the difference of 17 years, you have my admiration for doing it…take care and no injuries..🥰

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