Day 2  14 May. Bahundanda to Charmje

This was an 8.5 hour day, 12km in  about 30° heat,  uphill most of the way on the old Annapurna Track.  We probably did 79% on the old trail today.

I was saddened to see the changes, no trains of donkeys, and very few locals out doing their thing. Buses, jeeps and motorbikes shared the road with us. But the views were good, and I loved being back out on trail.

As we walked along the right-hand side of the river, we could see the road weaving its way along the other bank. We were very pleased to be on our side away from the dust and constant uphill gradient.

After lunch I was on the lookout for toilets as my body was getting used to the local cuisine. We refill our water bottles at the Tea Houses and pop in a water purifying tablet.  We are trying to remember to sanitize our hands before eating but are not always so good at this.

Tea Houses are all along the trail and the road ready to sell a coca cola, sprite or a cup of tea and meals. Some provide accommodation too.

On the road we came across some hardy chaps from Belgium riding Royal Enfield motor bikes. They had been on a couple of trips around Nrw Zeakand by bicycle and campervan and were very proud to hear that they ratedNew Zealand very highly. The young french man at our tea house was also telling everyone that New Zealand was amazing.  We were very proud Kiwis.

There has been a lot of work completed around the wee villages by Chinese. There are power stations and miles of power lines going up extremely steep hills. This is giving power to the villages that had none when I was here last.   I wonder if China is getting the roads snd infrastructure in place so that it will be easy to get their tanks and soldiers here for an invasion.

We stopped at the FishTail guest house for a much needed rest and  lunch. Everything is cooked from scratch, so we have about an hour to air out our feet and rest our bodies in the shade.

I struggled for the second part of the day in the heat and was very pleased to arrive in Charmje at 4pm.

Over dinner I shared my photos from the area 17 years ago and with the owners of the guest house. They were very excited to recognize their daughter as a toddler.  She came out to have a look. Back then the children were all very excited to see themselves on our cameras but now they have grown up and have their own. The kids all gave their faces in cellphones and having tantrums if they are taken off them. Such a shame.

It was a 4 wheel drive, now it is a 2 wheel drive.

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