Day 51 & 52. A hitch and a rest day

I left about 6.30am, excited to be heading towards the town of Denmark. I needed to book flights home to New Zealand, organise visits with friends and family in Perth and check with Cameron about him coming down to meet me at the end of thus damn long walk. Only about 150km to go now.

The day started well but after about 12km I came to a beach which was obviously where the locals from Denmark come out to walk themselves and their dogs. I just couldn’t resist asking for a ride into town with a lady and her dogs. We had a lot in common and I was pleased to have met her for a number of reasons. A little bit of trail magic here.

So I was in town by 9am just in time for a breakfast pie and a nice coffee after signing in at the Visitors Centre. There are books at each hut and town whete we record our journey and intentions. Thos helps know our last whereabouts incase we get lost and helps with funding for the trail.

There is no charge to do the Bibbulmun Track and all the huts are free. I will make a donation when I finish. I was going to donate so rat proof boxes could be purchased for Beavis and Beedulup huts but I have just seen on the Facebook page that some other hiker has done so. They must have had a night on rat duty like me!!

I stayed 2 nights at the YHA meeting up with 81 years and 11.5 month old Darcy. He had a plastic bottle of whiskey to use up so he shared with Peter and I. Darcy is pulling out now but us my hero. I hope I can still be doing this at his age.

I get the kiddies glass being the youngest.

I did my administration, booking a flight home on 18 November. I have an unwell friend to get home to and a daughter coming home from England for the first time in over 4 years and some grandchildren to cuddle.

Rest day

Tonight we are cooking a shared roast lamb meal with a couple who ate cycling from Perth to Albany on the Munda Biddi Trail, also 1,000km. Also joined by a Frenchman who was pulling out at Denmark saying the track was too hard with too much uneven ground. Funny as I think it was all very flat and even.

Tomorrow I will head off on the rain for the last 4 days on the track. Cameron will drive down from Perth and walk in to stay the last night with me and walk to the finish with me. Special times.

4 thoughts on “Day 51 & 52. A hitch and a rest day

  • Well done Karen.Almost done.We are in Balingup having an unplanned rest day to avoid walking in rain.It’s our 20th day on the trail ( 17 walking & 3 rest days) All the best Vesna

  • Well done Karen. Love that you met another trail angel ❤️. It’s moments like those that really make your day and the adventure so special. Enjoy the walk with Cameron, like you said, it makes wonderful memories. Priceless!!🌼

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