Day 49 to 50 Beaches, bays and boats.

These two days have been my favourite days. Blue skies, but not too hot, 24°, views to die for along the coast, long beach walks on mostly hard sand, a few short scrambles up sandhills but mostly well formed tracks with steps and plastic grating, a canoe crossing and an inlet crossing.

Leaving Peaceful Bay early in the morning
I have walked from around that point in the distance
Peter walking through “The Showgounds”
The tide was getting higher
Interesting rocks
Another orchid

I think I enjoyed this part of the track the most because I could see ahead and behind. There was views out to sea, around the coast, back across sandhills and way over to farms. After weeks of flat walking in forests full of giant trees where I could only ever see 20 metres ahead I really enjoyed having an ever changing view.

Well formed track

One snake slithered away from me each day and quite a few kangaroos were hopping around.

We had an estuary to cross using canoes. There is a boat shed on each side and a total of 6 canoes. Peter and I arrived to find only one on our side which was a bit inconsiderate of those on front of us. But we managed to get both our packs and ourselves safely stowed in the canoe and we were off. Peter has done a fair bit of kayaking so I paddled and he did the steering. We went along the side until we were about 100 metres passed the boat shed on the other side. Then we turned and let the tide and the wind take us over to the boatshed on the opposites side. It worked perfectly but I managed to get one shoe wet getting out of the canoe. Grr.

Now there were no canoes on the other side and we knew there was a group of at least 6 section walkers coming behind us. So Peter set off with 3 canoes towing behind his one like a mother duck and her ducklings. The people on the other side were very grateful. Peter brought one back with him and then we left them to it.

Peter takes 3 canoes back over.

That night there was only the 2 of us at Boat Harbour Campsite. That was a first.

The next day was equally lovely with views for miles and the sun out. I had to cross Parry Inlet and managed to time my arrival just as a surfie was crossing towards me.

My surfie friend

I conned him into walking across with me to ensure I took the right route. There have been stories of people waist deep and giving to turn back. But my wet suited trail angel got me across with only the hem of my shorts getting wet.

Up a steep bit

Then it was 7km along a beach followed by a steep little climb up off the beach. A km on a sand road was followed by a very steep km up to the William Bay Hut. I was pleased to arrive so picked some flowers to brighten up the place. Peter tells me we are not supposed to pick wildflowers so don’t tell anyone.

Flowers from around Boat Harbour Hut

At William Bay Hut woke next morning to Peter telling me that we had a visitor.

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  • Good to hear the snakes slither away. A pufadder (South Africa) doesn’t do that 😲. It stays there, can play dead …. and you’ll certainly come off worse.

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