Days 28 to 32. Donnelley River to Pemberton. Rain, Mosquitoes and a roller coaster track.

The next 5 days have all blurred in together as nothing too exciting happened so a quick post to let you know that I am still here. I have passed the 500km mark so half way to Albany.

Thursday was 24 km with rain on and off all day on the way to TomRoad campsite. The flaura is changing today and there was moss on the fallen logs and even ferns growing. We walked alongside the Donnelly River for most of the day through some muddy puddles and over fallen trees. I began to feel like I was at home.

There are 8 of us in  my Tramily now.  Peter ( the firemaker) who has been with me for about 12 nights, Sharon, whi is walking this section but usually does 100 mike events, Mary the 79 year old from Brisbane,  her two mates, Michael and Bill (60s or 70s) Neville  79 and his son in law.

We had a couple of days with rain which made a good change. Sharon usually arrived first  me second and then the others trapsed in like drowned wombats over the next hour. We all ate, made a hot drink then climbed into our sleeping bags for a Nana nap, to read a book or just get warmed up.

Most were in bed by 6.30 but I stayed up and read my book until about 8pm, otherwise I just toss and turn listening to the chorus of snoring. This group all gave nice rhythmical snores, no sleep apnea.

Friday was just another day really but the track gave me a couple of pleasant moments.  Mud,  a few metres of steep gnarly rocks, the first ladder, slightly off centre and some puddles and lots of overhanging branches (wet from rain yesterday) Very pretty day.

Flies and mossies at the hut  so some put their  tents up on the sleeping platform. I topped and tailed with Sharon.  

Passed half way mark.  At the last couple of huts we had rats eating into some food bags. Usually I climb into my sleeping bag and put on my eye mask and ear plugs and become oblivious to anything that happens diluri g the night. But at Beavis Hut I was aware that Mary was fighting off rodents. I left her to it.

At the next hut I was kast to go to bed and the rats started their high junks before I had a chance to get settled. So I ended up poking at the damn rats with my walking pole as they skuttled around the rafters jumping onto the food bags that were hanging up.

I don’t mind mice and got quite used to them on Te Araroa but rats are another kevel altogether. Everyone else slept through but I didn’t get much sleep at all. Some food bags were raided.

Sunday we walked into Pemberton where I am having a rest day today. I have made a (hopefully) rat proof hanger for my food bag. The Aussies tell me that I can’t be too down on rats because they are native animals and have more right to be here than me. Well I don’t care. They are not having my food.

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