Day 27. 3 October. Snotty Gobble

Today I was introduced to the Snotty Gobble. It is the common name  of this tree, named because of the fruits. I don’t think I will try them.

Sharon had stopped on the track to make a coffee so I sat and had one too. We walked the rest of the 22km together and she pointed out the Snotty Gobble to me.

Sharon’s Cafe

Into Donnelly River village today. It was a mill town but the mill closed in 1977. Some locals pitched in and bought the 35 mill houses and went about marketing the place as a good stopover for those on the Bibbulmun and the Murambingi cycle track and as a family holiday destination.

Where is the shop?

The emus and kangaroos roam freely around and are very friendly.  Being school holidays the houses were all booked out with families. Dozens kids were riding their bikes around, in and out of the trees and buildings barefooted, no helmets just as I did as a kid.

The old school is our home for the night
Cyclists here too

The little general store was busy with kids spending their daily allowance on bags of mixed lollies and chippies, cyclists and walkers scoffing down bacon and egg rolls and parents drinking lattes. No pub but Peter managed to find someone to “sell” him a couple of beers.

2 thoughts on “Day 27. 3 October. Snotty Gobble

  • A great post and good to know that towns that would have become derelict have been restored and reinvented to become welcome stops for hikers, cyclists and holiday makers alike.
    Any sightings of snakes yet or are they still asleep?
    By having those huts at a certain distance apart, removes the temptation to push on so you can go at a comfortable pace with out the pressure of time.
    You must be pleased with what you’ve done.

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