Start delayed

I left New Zealand last week to fly to Perth planning to start the Bibbulmun Track on 1 September. However I arrived with a sore throat, lost voice and a cough. Covid-19 RAT and PCR tests were both negative thank goodness.

It is just a virus but I am delaying my start by a week to make sure I am well over it before I start putting my body under too much stress.

I have some friends to visit while I wait and have had some good time with my family. I have seen one Granddaughter off to her school ball and the other turn 16.

I visited the museum today and took notice of all the reptiles, furry creatures and birds that I will probably meet on my walk. Some look more friendly than others!! I may have to sing as I walk along because that would scare everything away.

The old and the new of Perth
Too many kinds of rocks to remember
Hopefully I don’t come across one of these
Opus Stadium

Maybe not as the last time I sang in the bush ended with me getting very lost and needing a helicopter rescue.

5 thoughts on “Start delayed

  • PS. If you take a tuning whistle, you can practice your scales in different keys and find out which one keeps you on the path and the dinosaurs away. Are you a middle C kind of a walker or a bit sharper? So much to discover…You could have a new career as an opera singer on completion…whatever you discover though, don’t stop singing.

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