Bibbulmun Track here I come

On 25 August I will head off to Perth in Western Australia to walk the Bibbulmun Track. I would rather be cycling around Europe, rowing across the Atlantic or paddling down the Amazon but I can’t do that so another Damn Long Walk will have to do.

The Bibbulmun track starts inland from Perth and goes all the way down to the coast at Albany. The track has been specifically developed so is well planned out with camp sites built an easy days walk apart (Average about 24km). Being “only” 1,000 km long and with no mountains and rivers to cross I expect that it will be a bit of a breeze compared to Te Araroa. ((3,000km). I am not fit so the first week will be my training and will hurt. I am counting on my muscles having a memory so they will develop quickly.

The challenges will be different. Poisonous snakes, spiders and ticks, kangaroos and funny rodents will add to the adventure. I have been watching YouTube videos on how to use a snake bandage and remove ticks so presume I am ready for this. Most of the shelters have big sealed bins to keep our food bags safe.

It is a full year after I had originally planned to do this. Last August the borders closed 3 days before my flight as a result of the first outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19. I was all ready to go, with tenants in my house and my bags packed. I was very disappointed but this time I am sure all will go as planned. The only hold up I can envisage is that I get Covid, as I have managed to avoid it so far.

My son, Cameron, and family live in Perth so I will have a few days with them to buy food, gas and snake bandages. Then I start walking the 1,000km on 1 September. Starting on the first day of the month will make it much easier to know how many days I have been out there as the days and weeks become hard to keep track of.

So follow along and enjoy.

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