Two days of Nepali Flat. 7 & 8 May Nunthala and Kari Khola

I had been awake most of the night again coughing. I tried to make a comfortable sitting position as I coughed like a dying sheep when I lay down. I am very pleased that Kathy just falls asleep and snores all night without being disturbed by me. She doesn’t even wear earplugs.

Kathy and I always get a room to share, usually with an ensuite. This sounds fancy but can be a squat toilet with a bucket or hose for washing our bums. We usually have to pay an extra 300 rupees ($3NZD) for a hot shower. Kathy and I have used the toilet hose for a very quick, cold shower. The boys usually get their own rooms with a bathroom down the hall.

Another 2 succumbing to the sickness with it effecting their chests so everyone is coughing and sniffing. We are a sorry bunch! . Jo is better after anti biotics even though he has continued to drink beer! Grant struggled daily and into the evenings , losing his appetite too.

We had two really nice, relatively easy days sidling across some good farmland.  A bit of a steep up for lunch, passing a big piece of road construction. The days were fine and perfect for walking.

We came to the end of the road construction and waited, watching the digger before being to be able to pass. There is not much health and safety going on here. Then we were onto a very busy walking track again.

The guys were very excited to see some deer
Don’t hang around Kathy
The end of the road
Donkey train

Now everything has to be transported by donkey. I had been missing the donkeys as I had fond memories of them from my last visit to Nepal. However after walking into Khari Khola I realised I had forgotten the awful smell of donkey poo. The blokes thought I was a bit soft but I didn’t feel so bad when I saw Pemba was wearing a mask and looking as disgusted as me.

3 thoughts on “Two days of Nepali Flat. 7 & 8 May Nunthala and Kari Khola

  • I get exhausted reading about the toughness of each day for you but wow what an adventure you are having. Thanks so much for sharing your stories. Happy days and many blessings to you Karen.
    Love Kay xxx

  • Get well soon ! It makes it real seeing the videos.
    I like how you always seem to find a beer !

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