6 May over Lamjura Pass to Junbesi

Porters packing up our gear in the morning

Walking east across the foothills of the Himalaya, we went up and over the Lamjura Pass (3,550 m) today. These are not the foothills we are used to in New Zealand as we were higher than Mt Taranaki  and Tararua and Ruahine ranges that surround my home.

Once started we become totally absorbed with the task at hand, taking one step after the next, ensuring we stayed upright and could breathe.Wwe are quiet as we ascend, usually only Kathy and I doing any talking as even altitude finds it hard to keep some women quiet. I would try to start a conversation but talk soon dried up: there was no oxygen left for it.
The men just huff and puff through the ascents, though the Doctor seems to have more words than the others at this stage.

Sometimes the big strong guys who can run all over the hills lower down don’t do as well as the scrawny old lady higher up.  No sense being competitive here. We cannot do anything to alter the physiological changes in our bodies. 

Young Jo wasn’t complaining about the slow place. He said that if he was at home he would have knocked anyone going this slow off the track. But this is how it has to happen. Pemba is really good at keeping a good pace and he gives us lots of rest breaks, a morning tea stop and a good lunch break. So we all arrive alive, but not necessarily kicking.

Rhododendrons. National flower of Nepal
Another rest stop
New road, lots of rocks
Mist coming in, getting higher and colder
Pemba always helps with the lunch
A road in the making
A new bridge
Jo gives out coloured pencils and school exercise books
A great wall of Nepal
Local flora
We arrive at Jambesi after 9 hours
Yes I am still alive
Cheese and tomatoes sandwich and chips for dinner

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