Day 12  Worst Bus Trip

With very sore faces, we were on the bus at 7 am. Basu ushered us into the front seats, but this caused a bit of an argument.   Eventually, we were sent back to the rear of the bus.  Bless Basu, I think he was trying to play the poor, sore, old ladies’ card for us.

Here is a link to my video of the bus trip. I am not a filmmaker, so the filming is not very good, nor is the commentary. I have made it not suitable for children as my language is a bit colorful. (You may have already seen this on my Facebook page)

To be fair to the roads in Nepal, there are a lot of challenges they face. The country is mostly mountains with 8 of the highest peaks in the world. Working at high altitudes is hard. Just walking us hard let alone actually doing anything more physical. Helicopters can’t be used because of the thin air.

The monsoon rains and snow melt create massive water flows, which wash away the work that has been done.

Nepal is extremely poor, so China and India are doing most of the road construction. The trade routes are important to them. Still more than 30% of Nepalese live more than 3 hours walk from any road. When I washete last time most goods moved by donkey or porter on narrow walking trails.

4 thoughts on “Day 12  Worst Bus Trip

  • Omg that road trip was unbelievable. Have seen small clips like this before and thought they were mock ups. What adventures you are having., but I watch with admiration not envy!. Safe travels.

  • What a thrilling/fearful bus ride! So glad you made it to the other end and to have such lovely accommodation.

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