Day 56 Final day.

After 56 days on trail I walked the last 12km into Albany with my son Cameron. We chatted almost the way about lots of things so I didn’t really get too much into thinking about finishing.

Sandpatch hut – the last night.
A bit of light rain at the end

I was ready to finish, ring the bell and make my final entry in the Track Book.

So I am back I to civilisation and spending a couple of days in Albany before heading back to Perth. Albany has history as a whaling station, the first settlement in Western Australia, the place the Anzac fleets departed for WW1 and has beaches that attract holiday makers getting away from the summers up north. So we enjoyed a good look around.

Replica of the first ship
Kangaroo steak

9 thoughts on “Day 56 Final day.

  • Congratulations Karen on the completion of another Damn long walk 😀 enjoyed travelling vicariously through you. Enjoy the rest, hot showers and proper bed.

  • Another great trip knocked, very very well done. When you visit us we look forward to many more top stories .
    Kev Curd.

  • Your kangaroo steak looks yummy unfortunately I like my meat overcooked but kangaroo is not good to eat like that but I do like kangaroo. Congrats on your finish well done young lady we’ll catch up in the near future.💕👍👩‍🦯

  • Hey Karen,

    congratulations for finishing the trail:)) And thank you for taking as along your journey:)) I wonder what comes next;-))
    Cheers Luzia

  • So amazing Karen. Thanks very much for sharing your walk with your followers including me. Now what?

  • Another track conquered! Well done Karen and thanks for sharing your daily experiences. Can’t wait for the next expedition as I am sure there will be one. Can’t keep you down for long!

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