Day 46 and 47. Tingle Trees and the coast again.

We waited until the rain stopped at about 8am before heading off. 12km along the track is the Giant Tingle Walk, a busy tourist attraction. There is a coffee coffee that opens at 11am on a Sunday so that was my motivation for the walk today.  The bush was beautiful, green and lush and proved to be one of the best days so far.

The coffee cart was amongst a huge carpark that was filled with tourists coming to do the Tingle Walk amongst the forest. As I had been walking amongst them for 2 days I didn’t see the need to pay for a tour. Maybe some othertime.

I went straight for the coffee cart and told the guy that I had walked nearly 800km to buy his coffee, carrot cake and chocolate brownie. A bit a flattery goes a long way so I ended up with 2 big pieces of carrot cake for the price of one. I ate them with my coffee and took the brownie for my dessert.

Giants hut

Giant Hut was another like the others. I now appreciate the variety of huts in New Zealand as these ones are all much the same. Peter arrived, as usual, about half an hour after me. Then a bit later 2 couples arrived to spend the night with us.

One older American couple,  the other Aussies who are planning to walk Te Araroa next season. They had heard I was ahead of them so they were keen on catching up with me to pick my brains. I was wrapped up in my bed chatting with them as they made ready for the night.

Future Te Araroa walkers

It rained heavily overnight and was expected to stop about 10am  so Peter and I stayed in our sleeping bags until then. No use going out in the rain if we don’t need to.  The others were double hutting into Peaceful Bay so left all coated up into the rain.

I finished the book I had picked up in Walpole so started to read one that was at this hut. It is a James Bond book, the first I have ever read. I haven’t even watched any of the movies either but when there is only one book to read I have no choice. To tell the truth I am, surprisingly, actually enjoying it. So 007 will come along for the ride with me for the next few days.

The walk today was easy going through the last of the Tingle Forest, along an old rail track then towards the coast.Ā  I had missed the rain but still got wet from the overhanging bushes.

Old rail track
Wet bushes

Then back into the sand dunes, along the beach and then more sandhills to the hut. It was easy going as the track was stepped and well looked maintained.

And down to the beach

As I approached the beach I experienced wind for the first time on the trail. It wasn’t too cold and  dried out my clothes as I headed to Rame Hut. I could see the hut in the distance which was a first for the trip.

Rame Hut in the distance

3 thoughts on “Day 46 and 47. Tingle Trees and the coast again.

  • We have quite a group from the New Plymouth Tramping Club following your adventure. Keep on keeping on, it so easy for us to sit back and admire your achievements.
    Kevin Curd.

    • Maybe see if you can organise a small group to come over and do the Bibbulmun Track. Two months of easy walking, no mountains or rivers to cross. Can be done by anyone who can still walk 5 hours a day. Resupply all along the track.

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