Day 40 and 41 Mt Chance and Woolbales Huts

We continued on for 2 days across the Pingjup Plains. Over 700kms walked now. This was a nice change as the track was getting a bit boring.  I could see ahead as the vegetation was lower with the track nicely cut through it.  The puddles came regularly and I just sloshed on through them. The last day was quite hot 25° so the big puddles were quite refreshing.

At Mount Chance hut we had a full house as we were joined by young Aaron, Steve and a couple of young women. The table was busy.

Mt Chance is just a big granite rock behind the hut. I headed up to have a look at the view but got freaked out half way up and just sat down and read my book there. I felt rather silly as I have climbed much higher and more difficult mountains many times before. Maybe I am getting more sensible in my old age.

Mount Chance

Wool Bales Hut is apparently named because of the rocks that look like woolbales. I haven’t seen any yet so they must be South of the campsite. 8 of us here tonight including one Northbound man from Tasmania. Tomorrow we hit the Southern Ocean. I am not sure whether I am looking forward to walking on the Sandhills.

Let me know what you think and leave me some encouragement.