Day 43  Over Mt Claire and into the town of Walpole

Peter and I had decided to double hut the next 2 days even though there was a “huge” mountain to climb. This would get us into the young of Walpole where we were to have a rest day.

The two young girls were doing the same and we were all up with the sun at 5 am and I was off by 5.45am. It only takes me 45 minutes to get up and go as I have a good routine perfected over about 5,000km of hiking.

As I should have expected the mountain had me huffing and puffing for about half an hour and wasn’t hard at all. It was overcast and through lovely Tingle Forest. These are very old breed of trees dating back to the Gondwana days when Australia was joined to Africa. I am not sure where the name Tingle comes from.

Tingle tree info
Tingle Tree
Another pretty flower

I had the billy on when Peter arrived so we patted ourselves on the back as we both finished the last of our food.  Then it was mostly downhill for about 10km into the town of Warpole where I am giving a rest day.

First sign of civilization after 8 days is the power poles
Ahh shaking my dirty feet. Heaven
A well deserved beer
Tingle All Over Backpackers.
All the luxuries of home
Paperback trees
My beer in the sun and the boys have stocked up fir the next section.
Resupply for the next 7 days

2 thoughts on “Day 43  Over Mt Claire and into the town of Walpole

  • Oh my gosh, you’re almost there. I very much enjoy reading your updates and am disappointed when I realise I’m at the last one and have to wait for more😭. I believe there is a tree top walk near Walpole somewhere. Hope you get to see it🌼😍!!
    I’m looking forward to exploring that part of the world in the summer but it will be by car of course lol 😆!! Take care and safe💞🥰💞.

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