Day 25 Some variety for a change

I sat with my new friend at the Visitors Centre drinking coffee while I updated my website before leaving town at about 8:15.

Today I walked through a Tree Reserve which had many trees from all over the world. The grass was green and there was a couple of ponds and wee creeks. I could smell cattle and sheep poops so felt a little more at home.

This was followed by the Greenbush walk which was green. After that was an old tin mining area and another dam.

Planting around hut as there had been a ferocius fire through here
At last a view

Then later the trail went through a farm with cows with their calves playing close by to talk to. I walked the well worn path up the hill thinking about steaks. Pine forests abound and with a 200 metre altitude gain there was a nice view from Blackwood Campsite. A day of changes to keep me occupied.

I sat with Scott and a section walker, Sharon, and ate my lunch while waiting for Peter to arrive. We were going on another couple of kilometers to his friends farm where we had booked dongas to sleep in.

It was a bit cooler today, only about 16 ° and overcast so I was feeling comfortable. I am definitely feeling fitter and stronger. Now I can easily squat down to use the taps which are usually at the bottom of the tanks. When I started I was moan and groan and creak doing so.

Peter turned up about an hour later giving me time yo enjoy my cheese and crackers and soup. Then it was the steepest and longest downhill on the trail to Peters friends dongas.

And Peter is off
Home for the night

They have pasture fed chickens which are kept safe from foxes and wild cats at night by Maremma dogs. Beautiful big wooly creatures that must struggle with the heat in the summer.

Maremma guard fog

There was hot showers snd beers in the fridge so I sat in the sun watching the Number 28 birds and crows whilst reading my book.

We had dinner with the farmers who were to be up early the next day to harvest some chickens for market. Bush fires had decimated their farm, house and buildings 2 years ago so they were still living in a shed and rebuilding.

One thought on “Day 25 Some variety for a change

  • Nice spot to stop. A lovely privilege! And make good use of those fire pits. No fires permitted after Dogpool.😥 But for good reasons for sure.

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