Day 21  28 Sept. 20km to Yabberup Camp

I had a fun evening with 7 of us for dinner at the Victoria Hotel.

Goodbye nice room
Bkack Diamond Hostel

Scott, Jessie , Peter and I all went on to Yabberup Camp the next day. It was 23° so probably the hottest day so far. I played hair and tortoise with Scott who has recently walked a long trail in USA. The other 2 arrived an hour or so after us.

Not much to say about the trail except we passed over the Mungabingi Track a few times. That is the bike trail from Kalamundra to Albany.

I also skirted alongside the Mungalup Damn which must be the town water supply as no swimming or anything else.

Mungalup Dam

I had seen on the map that there was another camp site by a river  500 metres from Yabberup Camp.  I thought I would drop my gear at our camp and then go back for a swim.  However I should have realised that a river in Western Australia would hardly get my feet wet.  So I carried on and had a wash in my pot behind the hut instead.  A few more buzzing flies today and more rustling in the bush and again more flat walking crossing roads and meandering through the bush.

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