Day 2. 12km to Helena Hut

We had a choice of a shorter day today or the next day but after arriving at Helena Hut we decided it was too nice to pass up. So tomorrow would be the longer day. 

The day had been warm and we were enjoying the outdoors together. Granny’s plastic cheese, salami and a slice if crunchy carrot on  crackers went down well for lunch #1

Very pretty flowers everywhere
Bush fire scars everywhere

Helena Hut is  a very new hut built from rammed earth to replace the previous hut that was burnt down in a severe bushfire in  2018.

Easily accessible the Helena Hut would sleep 40 inside with many camp spots surrounding it.  The older wooden huts provide little protection from bushfire but this was designed to provide some shelter. It was made from rammed earth and the next day we saw the site where they must have got all the sandy material from.

I have been reading the bushfire notices in the huts and toilets and have decided that I am definitely not going to experience one of them.

We shared the site with a young Mum who was having 2 nights in the bush so she could have a good night’s sleep and a sleep in.  That really put yhe pressure on me to not snore and to blow up my mattress as quietly as possible. She was at the next hut with us and said that she had had the best 2 night’s sleep in 3 years!

Another young Aussie woman arrived, and 2 men who were  both trying  out new tents then a young Frenchman. We got a fire going and had some good conversation around the pit.

It had been a warm 18° day and Rebecca was pleased to get good internet access up by the toilets and I was pleased to meet a friendly kangaroo behind the hut.

Fancy toilet

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