Day 17 to Arrowtown

I started the day by having coffee with some friends of mine from New Plymouth who were on holiday in Queenstown with their 2 lovely children. We hadn’t caught up in person for 3 years so we had lots to talk about. Nine year old, Amelia, was quite interested in why I wanted to walk so far and they were not really impressed by my food choices.

I carried on walking alongside the great Kake Wakitipu until I reached Frankton which is a massive shopping area. I had some lunch then decided that the mostly road walk to Arrowtown was not necessary as it was 26 degrees with no wind. Passing through a golf course showed how dry it is here.

I noticed how few planes and helicopters there were compared to when I was here pre Covid-19. Although there are quite a few kiwis out on holiday they will never make the numbers that came from overseas.

So I hopped on a bus and $4 and 20 minutes later I had saved myself a 4 hour walk and reduced my chances of getting skin cancer.

$26 gives me a tent site next to 2 Dads camping with their 14 and 16 month old toddlers, giving their wives a break. These modern Dads are amazing.

I did a bit of shopping for the next section and was planning on eating up the last bits and pieces in my food bag for the last supply fir my dinner. A lovely family must have felt sorry for me and shared a nice fresh salad and chicken with me. Kiwis are good people.

Tomorrow Kay arrives to walk the best section with me as she missed it last year . I am looking forward to giving some company during the day. This section goes from Arrowtown, another tourist destination out to Macetown whuch us an abandoned Gold town. Then over the Motatapu Track for 4 days ending in Wanaka.

4 thoughts on “Day 17 to Arrowtown

  • Good luck girls on your next stage looks really hard so be careful and stay safe👣💯👍🏕

  • Hi Karen looks like a huffy puffy section ahead. Coincidentally I met Kay on the Milford Track. She told me that she was meeting another TA walker to complete the section to Wanaka and I asked if it was you. Small world indeed!
    I bombarded her with lots of TA questions to give me the confidence to give it a go. Between reading your blogs and with her encouragement I hope to take that first step. You’ll have fun together. Safe hiking. Yvonne

    • Hi Karen, it sounds like you are back in the good life, enjoying what you do best, meeting lovely people and living outdoors, I’m loving the read every morning with my morning tea and keep the photographs coming, you know how much we miss NZ. Say hi to Kay and stay safe.

  • Kia Ora Karen. I hope you enjoyed the Motutapus as much as we did last year. When we are overtaken by other NOBOS (which happens quite frequently!) and we compare notes on our favorite section so far, the Motutapus usually get a mention. I hear that section is very dry and people are coming out Dehydrated and sunburnt, so hope you managed ok. Sylvia.

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