Day 4, Colac Bay to Martin’s Hut

I was off before 6.30am as I was going to be taking the day at an easy pace. I had to make sure I didn’t get lost again in the Longwood.

The track was now fully marked and I didn’t get lost at all. All day I walked for an hour then sat and rested for 10 minutes so as to pace myself and be kind to my body. At one rest stop I heard something crashing through the bush towards me. It was a female deer and I thought I best just sit still. She got a real fright when she saw me and changed directon really quickly. Maybe it was the sweat running down my face that scared her.

The bush was lovely after the 5.5km road walk to start the day. I am definitely not a beach girl as I really do prefer to be in the bush with all it’s green beauty.


Happy and sweaty.

Okan caught up with me at lunchtime at Turnbull hut and then we carried on together for another couple of hours to Martin’s Hut.

Nice new toilet.

Now Martin’s Hut must be the worst on the whole Te Araroa and last time I opted to sleep in my tent a distance from it. But with Okan for company I decided to brave the 🏠. Built in about 1906 it us pretty rough. We were joined a couple of hours later by Jess and Raefael who are filming their Te Araroa. Hence much longer days.

I didn’t sleep well as I had some aches and pains (getting old) . I didn’t want to get up and get pills as our packs were all securely hung up out if the way of rodents. Last time I was here there had been a rat infestation in this hut. But we saw and heard no sign of them. Earplugs and a sleeping mask also help.

5 thoughts on “Day 4, Colac Bay to Martin’s Hut

    • Great to read your blog and know that all is going well so far. Take care and enjoy being in the bush.

  • Great going Karen. No chopper lifts so far! I’m heading south on Sunday be in Southland by next weekend, Te Anau most likely. I’ll keep tabs on you. Might be able to shout you a beer and a meal somewhere

  • Hi again Karen. Martyn and I backtracked to fill in this section from last year. We were lucky enough to have our daughter Florence with us too this time. We were due at Martin’s hut for New Year’s Eve 2020 and finally arrived Boxing Day 2021. No rodents, water supply was fine and nice toilet. Shame about the walls and floor! I loved the beauty of the Longwoods. Have a look at my 3fdiet blog for this section. Sylvia

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