Day 2. Invercargill to Riverton. 30km 10.5 hours

I was on the road at 6am as there was an estuary to cross about 4.5hours along the beach. I had to miss the high tide so arrived about 1.5 hours before. There was about 7km of road walking before heading onto the beach for the rest of the day.

A long straight road…not much fun really

I had planned on stopping at a couple of cafes and 4 Square to top up with fluids. However it was a public holiday so no one was open that early. So I started the beach section not fully hydrated and with a litre less water than I planned to have.

I didn’t have a tall young German in his undies this time to test the depth ( see Stillwater SOBO) so Kiwi Vaughan did the honors. It was only going to get to knickers level so I took off my shorts and went across. The temperature was already about 28 degrees so the water was very refreshing.

The rest of the day was one long, hot slog which made me question my sanity. Why was I putting myself through this torture?

I had to ration my water, even trying, unsuccessfully to get water from couple of cars on the beach. One guy had no water but offered me a beer, but it was too early!!

First proper Te Araroa lunch. Plastic cheese was the highlight of my day!!
Not very stimulating.

10.5 hours later, sporting a few blisters, after stopping for an icecream and a bottle of gateroade I was in the supermarket getting food for dinner and bottle of cider.

Tent is up, shower had and dinner eaten so I am feeling better. My sunscreen ran out at mid day so I am a bit burnt. I will get some more tomorrow before I leave for Colac Bay. Four of us NOBOS here tonight.

10 thoughts on “Day 2. Invercargill to Riverton. 30km 10.5 hours

  • Sorry to hear about the blisters and the dry start to the day. Beach looks nice even if not very inspiring for walking along.

  • Adventures arising minute by minute! Keep building on your previous TA experience. What a way to begin the New Year. 2022.
    Happy New Year dear Karen. Kay Lloyd x

  • Well done Karen. Great photos. You’ll be settled in to the routine soon enough. Great admiration for what you’re starting and wish you the best. Hope the blisters aren’t a distraction.Had a nice day walking on the beach in Devon with Laura and Ed, they were on good form over Christmas. I’m being quietly tempted by your example to get my ruck sack out and maybe do another C2C walk.. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. We’ve got the map out to see where you are. Enjoy every moment. Happy new Year from Ann and me.

  • You must have had memories of 90 mile Beach with that stretch ahead of you. What a stoic start in that heat. Keep up with the drinks and look after those feet. All the best.

  • We enjoy following you….. (on our laptop of course!). It can’t be easy – but must be great to walk in nature like that. I would think the cherry on the cake is a shower at the end of the day, a beer, and putting your feet up…. knowing you’ve achieved something.

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