Change of Plans

As I cannot get into Australia due to Covid restrictions I have had to change my plans. Tomorrow we move to Delta Level 2 which means I can start doing something with my 10 months away from working.

So I will begin by walking Te Araroa NOBO (North Bound) from Wellington. I plan to back in Palmerston North by 25th September to help celebrate my Grandsons first birthday.

It will be 235km of hard work as I have not been doing much exercise and am carrying more extra weight on my body than I carry in my pack.

Bags are packed and I am ready to see what adventure awaits us all.

10 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  • COVID is a bugger. Looking forward to following your trip. Try not to have to take anymore helicopter rides😊

  • That sounds great Karen. Time and Pandemics wait for no one. I’m even now getting my NZ maps out to research your route. Keep well, safe and enjoy yourself. Looking forward to getting more updates. Hey….The sun is shining in Derbyshire…..three days on the bounce!

  • Will be following your changed route and progress with great interest. I encountered a similar experience with Covid when attempting LEJOG early last year. Had to abort my walk after only 10 days when England went into lockdown and a frantic scramble followed trying to get back to NZ as borders literally closed overnight.
    It certainly is a massive upheaval but at least now you won’t be far from home. Trusting Auckland will one day allow you to cross through. All the best on your new adventure Karen. Looking forward to the updates.
    Regards Yvonne

  • Of course you can do this, and know you will work with our spring weather. Looking forward to the updates, Take care

  • Best of luck as you step out again. Covid has a lot to answer for, but it’s great to see you’re not giving in to it, just making new plans. Take care in those early days. All the best from Cheryle in Brissie.

  • Go you. On the job training is always the best. Love that extra weight being heavier than your pack. Feeling the same extra baggage tying me down.

  • Good luck Karen, sorry our catch up didn’t work out, enjoy your adventure, I’ll be with you in spirit.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Good luck :). I look forward to hearing your adventures. Sorry you couldn’t get to Australia, I know you were really looking forward to it. The Snakes are gonna have to wait to get nice and personal πŸ™‚

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