After Trail Thoughts

Here are a few things I have noticed since I have arrived home. Some habits are hard to break and others are hard to get back into!

  • When I wake up my first thoughts are “Where am I?” and “What is today’s track going to be like”
  • I scan for somewhere to hang my food bag when getting ready for bed
  • Will the sandflies or mice get in if I leave the window open?
  • Remembering to have a shower each day
  • Thinking to look in the mirror
  • Brushing my hair as I didn’t even carry a comb for the whole trail
  • When out for a walk I scan for a tree to pee behind
  • I keep my torch beside my bed
  • When out for a walk I scan for orange triangles
  • Why are there so many dishes?
  • Deciding what to wear is a big deal even though I have very limited clothes with me
  • Slippers are so nice. I think my slippers were the things I missed most on the trail

2 thoughts on “After Trail Thoughts

  • I remember my first few days back in Kathmandu after trekking. I had to sleep on the floor beside the bed because it was so soft and uncomfortable. You obviously had similar experiences.

  • Hello Karen!
    What a great journey, story and adventures!
    Nice to read them all!
    We, dutch couple (55-60+ years) pretended to walk the TA, but it stays with dreaming of it, because I have one of the worsest knee’s I know (PT).
    But, next year (when there’s no Lock down any more (I hope so!), we are going to travel in NZ anyway!
    Stay strong and live your dreams!
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Wilma

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