Day 134 and 135. Arrowtown to Queenstown. 28.5 km

The walk was easy and flat for a change as it went alongside Lake Hayes then Lake Wakatipu. The day started through The Millbrook Resort with its world class golf course, manicured grounds and many posh villas. Us mere walkers had to keep to the marked track at all times and not disturb the guests. However I needed a toilet and did not think they would be happy with me digging a hole on their golf course, even if discretely behind one of the nicely trimmed bushes. Therefore I had to disturb a guest and was directed to a toilet. Whew!!!

Golf or toilet?

The path followed a cycle trail most the way to Queenstown so was easy going. The morning was cold, although sunny.

It was probably the coldest morning of the whole TA. Somehow I managed to lose my warm gloves, now the second pair of lost gloves in less than a week.

About half way I arrived at Shotover to find a huge shopping centre is under fast construction. It is called Queenstown Central. Pak’n’Save, Countdown, KMart Briscoes were already there along with a bunch of other chain stores and food shops. It was all a bit much really after being out in the wilderness for so long . The airport was close by so there was planes and helicopters ferrying tourists around. Helicopters upset me as I instinctively think someone is hurt, but probably it is only wallets hurting for these sight seeing passengers.

Is this really New Zealand???

I found the Macpac shops and bought a pair of polypropylene gloves, on special too. Then into the Footlocker shop to find a new pair of Ijininji toe socks. I ecstatic as my old ones were really only good for the bin.


Off I went again after a nice lunch break with a decent coffee. I walked alongside the shores of Lake Wakatipu and into Queenstown. Queenstown is one of our top tourist destinations. After a fix of kebab I was met by Bev and Rudi from Perth (My son’s in laws. They had offered for me to share their hotel room so I am sitting here in the Copthorne Hotel with views across the lake.

I have about 16 days of walking left with a couple of rest and resupply days included. So the journey is coming to an end. Tomorrow I head off again . I will get a shuttle bus to the start of the Greenstone Track and begin the last 320 kms to Bluff.

2 thoughts on “Day 134 and 135. Arrowtown to Queenstown. 28.5 km

  • Wow you are almost on the final lap. Hope you have something luxurious planned at the end.

  • Karen you are truly amazing and I’m immensely proud of your achievement, as I sit in sheer comfort on my deck in the sunshine or cosy in a comfy bed at night. A huge commitment AND effort, but you are on your countdown to Bluff. Go girl, you can certainly ✅ this one off.

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