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to view what I will carry with me. My base weight before food and water) was about 9kg when I started but I dropped off a few things as I went and reduced it to 7.5 kg . Food will be about 1kg a day and we will need to carry between 3 and 7 days food at a time. We will be able to resupply in nearby towns which may involve some hitchhiking in and back. (Added on completionThe most I ended up carrying for food was about 4kg for the longest stretches of 7 days. If it didn’t fit in my 300mm x 350mm food bag I didn’t take it. Most stretches was more like 3kg)

I am definitely past my “Best by Date” so needed to reduce the weight I am carrying as much as possible. So I have spent the last few months scouring the internet to get a good understanding of what to stuff in my pack and what to leave behind.

Anyone who has been to my place knows I have a garage full of gear to choose from including 8 or 9 packs, 5 sleeping bags, 4 tents and enough pots, plates and cups and clothes to outfit an army. So it has been a bit of a mission to come to my final list.

Sleeping bags for every occasion

Weight became the decider. But it is hard to get good light weight gear in New Zealand as we tend to be a tough breed who boast about our ability to carry huge loads. But I am too old for that now!! So I have done a lot of online shopping and have managed to get my pack weight down to a bare minimum. It has cost me at least $1 for each gram saved.

This is what I will wear while I am walking each day
Nice striped Injinji toes socks.
Contents of my pack
Contents of my pack at the start. (Quite a few things were dropped of on the way)
This lot fits in the bag shown that will be on my front. I will add my daily snacks and my phone will be on the case shown.
First Aid and repair gear. (Quite a few things were dropped of on the way)

5 thoughts on “Gear List

  • Thanks so much for this Karen, I’m planning the Te Araroa hike with a friend (we met on the Bibbulmum track) in Oct 21 (post Covid?). I have a -4 down sleeping bag just wondering if that will be warm enough? Thanks again Anne

    • I rarely needed to use my quilt as I had warm weather most of the time. I usually just slept in my silk liner. BUT the 20-21 season saw some people camping in snow at times in the South Island. So take your sleeping bag and see hiw the season goes. If you find it us getting too cold you can buy and additional liner or new bag. You can order online and get stuff delivered anywhere as you go. Just start with what you have and let it unfold.

    • Hi. Regarding your you walk in the merino and save the down jacket for camp? Is one warm layer warm enough for you if walking in freezing windy conditions? Also no wet weather pants? (I find if my shorts get wet the water wicks up to my upper clothes so often carry waterproof trousers which are heavy but don’t have to wear very often)
      Anyway interested in your thoughts as I too am trying to get my weight down

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