We chilled out again at the Flying Yak hotel in the middle of Thamal. This is the backpackers area of Kathmandu although I think I saw more locals speeding around on motorbikes than I saw backpackers.

Originally I was planning to do another 21 day trek going over 5 passes greater than 5,000 metres. Five more of what I had already done!!! Why?

So after much thought , I decided to walk the first 8 days with the Kiwi group, then see how I feel. This will be a nice walk through the lowlands meandering along up and down between 2,000 metres and 4,000 metres of altitude.

I will leave them in Lukla where they can continue onto the higher alttides without me. Unless I change my mind, which I seem to feel free to do at any time, these days.

Kay goes home tomorrow and I will move to the hotel the Kiwis are staying at.

The shops sell treking gear that is knockoffs of all the famous brands. North Face, Kathmandu, Marmot, Leki, Osprey, Salomon, Mountain Hardware etc. . You can buy jackets, sleeping bags, packs, headlamps, cookers, fleece tops, shirts, shorts, all sorts of ski and mountaineering gear.  The gear is usually made in the same factories as the stuff we get back at home. However, all the fancy marketing,  transportation, and profit structure are missing. Therefore the prices are only  about 10% – 20% of what we pay at home. There are hundreds of these little shops and I wonder how they make a living.

Bargain prices
Bartering expected
Pashmina shawls
More shawls
Jewelry shops galore (Not my thing at all)
Elephants and Christmas decorations
Blingy bags
Rugs and bags

I do wonder how any of these shop owners can make a living. There are hundreds of shops selling the same stuff and there is seldom anyone in the shops. Bargaining is the way to go.

We got a bit lost and found the food stalls

We paid for a full day tour of some of the UNESCO Heritage sites.

Our guide and driver were good but most of what we saw and heard was religious history. Fantasy stories about the 30,000 different Hindu gods, Buddhas from different countries, one born from the armpits of his mother. About as likely as the Virgin Mary, I suppose.

They are not stories about the real people of Nepal, It seems that the people and their religions can not be separated.

I must say that the reconstruction after the major earthquakes in 2015 has been done amazingly quickly. Christchurch took about 10 years to decide whether to reconstruct the cathedral, while Nepal just seemed to get on with it.

Anyway, I have seen my full of temples once again.

2 thoughts on “Kathmandu

  • Hi Karen
    Well it seems that the new plan might be still a big trek but not going above 4000 more comfortable health wise. Great to know you have options though. Kay has certainly had some great adventures to bring home with her. Loving your photos and stories.
    Blessings and love.
    Kay Lloyd

  • Congratulations to Kay who must have wondered what you had got her into, but what an achievement to look back on.
    And as for you Karenm you’ve had your fill of temples, but not damn long walks…or have you?. Enjoy the rest of your time over there, but come back safe with some great tales to share with your grandkids.

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