Day 23 30 Sep to Grimwade Camp

Left first at 7am to try and beat the 27 degree day expected. 22km day lots of ankle breakers on the track and good interval training. Little ups and downs.

Ankle breakers

I had a couple of “sat on a log” phone calls today which was lovely. It is nice to catch up with friends and family back home. At my early lunch stop I rang ahead to Balingup where I was planning a rest day in 2 days time. There wasn’t many options as the pub had burnt down and the camping ground was just a transit park. This means byo tent or caravan but no cabins. I wasn’t keen on sleeping in my tent on a day in town so rang a lady on the list who had a caravan to let for $50 a night. With no pub and only one shop and a day time cafe I decided to only stay one night.

Grave stone?

I saw my first mushroom. 8km in first 2 hours so sat for break listening to nice chirpybirds, not screechy ones.

First mushroom sighting

22 km day with quite a few wee ups and downs, 3 good rest stops and I took 6hrs 15min.

At camp tonight we had 3 people going NOBO and us 4 southbounders. SOBOs. It was a warm night but we still lit the firepit. This is done to help clear all the drppoed wood from around the hut to help reduce the chance of the hut burning down in a bush fire. So lots of wood is used which concerned me at first. In NZ we have limited firewood so would not waste any at all.

3 thoughts on “Day 23 30 Sep to Grimwade Camp

  • Hi Karen
    I have been following you with interest since you started on the TA. I makes me want to get out and do some more multi day tramping. Go well and stay safe.
    Kind regards.
    Rex NPTC.

    • Hi Karen, I have been following your adventures and feel that I somehow know you. You have done a great progress on Bibb so far.
      I am flying from Christchurch on Sunday with aim to start walking from Kalamunda on the 11th.
      How did you find the prescribed burns an diversions?
      Keep safe.

  • You are making good time Karen and must be almost half way? I know what you mean about Aussie rivers. Wait till you see ‘Margaret River’….its a creek lol 😆

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