Update 24 Feb Tekapo

I hitched into Christchurch on 1 February to catch up with family and friends. I waited for about an hour fir a ride because it was lunch time and most travelers had stopped in Tekapo fir lunch. Bad timing as this was the longest I have ever waited for a ride. I tried dancing 🕺 but that didn’t help. My dancing is not very good, unless I am drunk, but with a pack on my back I was not much better.

Eventually a little blue car passed me and turned off on a side street only to return and go past me again. Then the 3rd time they stopped with an offer of a ride the whole 3.5 hours to Christchurch. The two women told me they had never picked up hitchhikers before but thought I looked harmless enough. Usually they had their kids in the car so thought “Why not?”. They said the long journey had flown with someone interesting to talk with. My happy place!!!

One was the staff manager of a large supermarket and shared the stress if keeping staff on safe and happy throughout Covid and the planning for the Omicron outbreak. We defunitely owe them our gratitude.

Her partner worked in despatch for a courier company and she was also showing the results of two years of stress and hard work behind the scenes keeping our parcels moving.

I stayed with Anne and Drew and their managery fir a couple of days (2 dogs who like to share my bed and morning coffee with me, a cat and a bunny)

My bedfellows at Anne’s in Christchurch

Then I stayed with my cousin Nicola and hubby Stewart and their wee dog, Jack a Jack Russel He is a real character and I would be stealing him if I ever decided I needed a dog.

Jack the Rus.

We wandered around Lyttleton and I dragged Nicky and Jack up to the top of the Bridle Track. We visited the markets had many coffees and I picked up some more suitable town clothes at the 2nd hand shops.

We completed one puzzle and started another one.
Lyttleton has many eclectic shops.

I also visited a friend who used to live in Palmerston North. Nearly 80 years old, Kay is a lady I want to emulate in my old age. She is as sharp now as ever, never getting her words or names mixed up like I do already. We chatted all day about family, friends and fixed all the problems of the world.

Kay enjoys following my outside adventures and I am amazed at her involvement in the community arts and dance etc. The world is made up of people with different strengths, interests and personalities. Everyone is imortant and makes life interesting in their own way. I am blessed to have many interesting friends and family who fulfill my life.

Lyttleton is the major port for the South Island

I didn’t know what was coming next on my wee journey until I received a message from Motel/Backpackers in Tekapo saying they had work for me until the end of February with free accommodation in the backpackers. Why not?? So I caught a bus back there.

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  • Sounds like so much fun karen, I can tell you, coming back home was like coming back to the “rat race.” I had an enjoyable time down there, on my 10 day holiday camping….cant wait to go back and do some of those walks…..stay safe and take care xoxo

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