All ready to go

After having a few days to get over my cold and visit friends I will begin my 1,000km walk through Western Australia tomorrow 8 September 2022.

I think the extra few days rest has been good for me as has visiting Kiwi friends who have made WA their home (for now anyway). So I have done a lot of talking, eating and drinking too much wine. A damn long walk is needed.

New suburbs are being built. They look like big sandpits

Perth is an easy city to get around on public transport so I have been able to get my food and a few other necessities without any bother. New innersoles, tick tweezers a snake and a wide brimmed hat have been added to the gear I took on Te Araroa. I have a new Zpacks pack because my last one was no longer waterproof. The new one is slightly bigger so I have had to be careful not to add unecessay items. I need to be kind to my old body.

The nights will be cool, sometimes down to 0Β°C and it is the wet season so I am not expecting too many hot days for the first few weeks. The wildflowers will be beginning to bloom and the snakes will be waking up from their winter hibernation.

My 17 year old granddaughter, Rebecca, will walk the first 4 days with me using my old pack. I have added some sheepskin padding to the hip belt as she doesn’t have the natural padding that I have. I am really looking forward to spending this time with her. I have told Becca that it is her job to scare away the snakes and spiders and to deal with the Kangaroos, because she is the Australian.

My son, Cameron, will meet us and take over the Granny watch for a few days.

So sit back and enjoy my journey from the comfort of your homes.

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