Day 88 and 89. Brownings Hut and a day in Nelson.

I had a sleep in as we only had a 3 hour walk out to Hacket Picnic area where Nigel was to pick us up. So I had my coffee and muesli in bed after the other 2 girls had left to carry on through the ranges. I should have asked them to prepare my breakfast for me as it is not quite the same when you have to get up to make it yourself and trudge 50 meters to an insect filled toilet before going back to your sleep in. I must try and find better class of hotel.

The Dutchies arrived having had a good night under the stars and said they had woken up in the fog. The point they camped on was 980 meters above sea level so to be expected this far South.

We had a lovely walk out on a very busy Saturday. Lots of family groups and dogs were walking along the track going to swimming holes, up to the huts and to picnic spots. It is only about 20 minutes drive from Nelson and a great place to spend a hot sunny day.

There were a few slips and some tricky river crossings but all in all a lovely track and so nice to see so many people.

I sat for a bit waiting for Nigel chasing off the sandflies and Wekas.

Day 89. Resupply for next 24 days.

I had a list of things to do on my Sunday off and they took all day. Nigel came grocery shopping with me and enjoyed the process of choosing the lightest and best food value items to pack. 3 supermarkets on a busy Sunday morning took us a couple if hours. His wife commented that she cant get him to come shopping with her gir that long.

Nigel also found and fixed the slow leak that had been plaguing me for the last week.

Thanks Nigel

Then I spent the afternoon removing all the unnecessary packaging and sorting it into 3 piles of 8 days supplies. One to take with me, one to send to St Arnaud and the next one to Boyle Village on the Lewis Pass.

8 days of food

They weighed about 5kg each so the most food I have taken so far. Add up to 5 litres of water on some of the days and I will be at my maximum weight.

Boxes to send on
No, I am not taking wine, shame.

We are now heading into the highest peaks of the trail (up to 1,800 metres, alpine conditions )and some of the most dangerous parts. A few people have decided to skip these sections but I reckon I will be okay. Take it easy and carefully and keep good people around me is my plan.

I can do this.

One thought on “Day 88 and 89. Brownings Hut and a day in Nelson.

  • I know you absolutely will manage the highest peaks – you’ve spend the whole of the North Island getting ready for this.

    We’re not hearing any more about your hip – has it come right or is the air mattress (when repaired by a very useful brother) solving the problem?

    The St Arnaud area is one of the few places I have done some (very small amount of) tramping so at least I have a mental picture of where you are in the next few days.

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