Day 70 New Years Eve 2019

About 10 years ago I decided that my New Years Eves were probably limited so I had better make sure I remember them all from now on, so each year I have made sure I am somewhere different and memorable and not drunk.

So as 2019 ended I headed up to Te Matawai Hut in the Tararua Ranges with my younger son, Dean. I had commandeered him to carry up my 6 days of food because it was one heck of a climb straight up a mountain for 13 km taking nearly 8 hours. That is 1.6 km per hour which I think I could crawl faster than!

Local cows

So with my new lighter pack (thanks Roman) and no food on board I was able to keep up with my big strong son all the way. We chatted all day and again I enjoyed having that one to one time with him. He has also made me very proud of what he has achieved in his life time and of the lovely family he has. He also brought along some red wine and cheese and crackers to celebrate the sun going down on 2019. I had an early start to a big few days so staying up to see the New Year in was not a viable option.

The hut soon filled up. There was a young American TA hiker, Caroline, who I had met at Toko Corner, and a few other locals on overnight tramps.

A group of men arrived with a 5 year old boy and a dog in tow. The boy looked in better condition than the dog, which proceeded to grow severely at anyone who moved. I have felt like that at times when I have had a day with only 2 feet in the mud so I sympathised with him having to deal with 4 wet and stuck feet. However I did insist that the dog not sleep in the bunk room as they had wanted, and be tied up outside. I didn’t want to get up to pee in the night and have to come across a growling pig dog.

Mask on and ear plugs in I slept as well as an old lady can on a platform bed in a room full of people.

5 thoughts on “Day 70 New Years Eve 2019

  • Happy New Year old friend, sorry we didn’t get to catch up over the holiday but I’ll still be with you ever step of the way in spirit. Enjoy

  • A special New Year memory for you – and what a great idea to make sure they’re all special. Glad to read you’re back on (the) track and feeling good. Super that you have your (big) kids along for part of your Great Walk.

  • Wow past half way and still going strong. Just the sight of some of those swing bridges enough to put me off, let alone all the other amazing challenges you are facing. Keep going strong, and stay safe and well. Melva

  • This morning I snuggled up in my nice warm bed to catch up on your blog, it’s been a few weeks since I read any of them so it was lovely to read that you were still so very positive and excited about the rest of your hike. I just love reading about your journey and at times I even get the warm and fuzzes and the hairs stand up on my arms & neck😊😂!! Keep up the good blogging Karen and one day I’m sure it will be a published book👍. I’m going to slip back under my blankets now as its a bit cold here in the Naki (feeling guilty I have such comfort). ❤️❤️❤️.

  • I’m just catching up with your goings on Karen…truly inspiring..and it’s nice that you can chat with our younger selves and maybe offer sage advice…or just laugh and tell them it’ll work out…optimism and opportunity..when you’ve done this I doubt you’ll rest too long on your laurels, but find another adventure..take care and fingers crossed for no injuries…😉

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